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Skeptical UFO Newsletter… lite!

Good news, everyone! Fellow Tim Printy writes:

SUNlite, as I call it, is dedicated to the skeptical information and opinions regarding Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs). In 2003, Phil Klass ended his publication of SUN due to his failing health.  In an effort to fill the void left behind, I have decided to endeavor in producing this newsletter.   I want to encourage submissions for the newsletter from fellow skeptics and UFO proponents alike. All articles should be skeptical of claims that UFOs are alien spaceships because that is what this newsletter is about. I have no desire to present conspiracy theories I do not agree with or to make great leaps that, because a UFO can not be explained, it is an alien spaceship.  The first day of the month of issue is when to check the site for the latest issue. It should be there but if it isn’t check back in a few days. I may be too busy or sidetracked. Any articles or comments should be directed to my email address: [email protected].  Many thanks to those providing input and assistance for the newsletter.”

Download SUNlite Volume 1 Number 1 : May-June 2009  (PDF, 1Mb)

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  1. Carlo May 4th, 2009 11:33 am

    Nice, they should set up an RSS feed for the automatic download of the pdf!

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