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SUNlite vol.1 n.2

Tim Printy’s Skeptical UFO Newsletter Lite reaches its second number featuring great articles. The main feature is “Memory Metal Madness” addressing the recent revelations of Anthony Bragalia, according to some “the most important Roswell news since Frank Kaufmann spoke to Kevin Randle and Don Schmitt”. The title of the article may give you an idea if that is indeed so.

The newsletter is packed with fresh content, including articles by Matthew Graeber and Peter Brookesmith. You can read it above or download it here.

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  1. Anthony Bragalia July 12th, 2009 2:46 pm

    Mr. Printy is well aware of my feelings about his review of my Roswell-Battelle Connection findings. I have asked him to correct several things.

    Most importantly, Mr. Printy admits he has not read the book in which the material appears! He also seems to not have read the entire three part series on this (found at UFO Iconclasts website and picked up by many others.)

    Mr. Printy neglects to inform the reader about the confession of Battelle scientist Elroy Center and the connections made between Battelle’s Dr. Howard Cross and the metal.

    He also lies that I have not included references or the names of reports. Mr. Printy has conceded this error- as the titles, authors and dates of such reports are included in both the book and in the article series. His knee-jerk skepticism is something for which he is well-known. His latest rant on the Battelle-Roswell Connection borders on the actionable.

    Not only am I standing by this material, the investigation continues, with new information to be released soon.

    Anthony Bragalia

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