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Interview with the creator of the “Haitian UFOs”

Last night the Brazilian TV show Fantástico interviewed French CGI wizard David Nicolas, responsible for the infamous Haitian UFOs of 2007. You not only get to see who the man is, the PC where all the magic happened, including wire frames of the “UFOs”, but right in the beginning we have another exclusive clip created by Nicolas showing a – CGI, of course – UFO in Rio de Janeiro diving into the sea.

All in Portuguese, of course (you can read an automated translation here). Perhaps the most relevant part is a comment by Nicolas:

“They had experts to comment on the case, and many thought it was real. For my part, I look at these images today and have difficulty in believing them, ten years from now they will look ridiculous.”

We had already posted about Nicolas and his previous works around here.

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  1. […] The video was uploaded by “barzolff814”, who must be better known as David Nicolas, or perhaps best known as the French CGI wizard who in 2007 created the infamous “Caribbean UFOs”. […]

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