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Hipster Time Traveller Original Photo Found


Finally, we can definitely answer one of the questions”, wrote us Evgeny Balamutenko on the mystery of the now famous Hipster Time Traveller attending the reopening of South Fork Bridge in 1941.

The photo is 100% REAL. NTV Russian television crew was filming there [last week] at the museum and found the original photo in one of the albums. I held it in my hands.


And to prove it, just check the moment the Russian investigators found the photograph in one of the photo albums at the Bralorne-Pioneer Museum:

A historical moment? Well, for this wonderful story the second most important question has been answered and now we know the photo is there at the museum and is indeed real.

It wasn’t found before because Bralorne is actually a very small community, and the museum was closed during winter time. It’s been only in recent months that this single photo among the whole collection caught the world’s attention, going as far as Russia.

As Balamutenko wrote us, Sally Bird, president of the Bralorne-Pioneer Historical Society, opened their doors for the TV crew, and there they finally found the photo among the many items and exhibits.

The most important question however is still unanswered. Who was this guy?

He could be “a hockey player or a holiday-maker. I found a couple of photos of similar-looking guys in the archives of the Bralorne Museum”, tells Balamutenko. In the very same virtual exhibit, for instance, one can find this other photo from the Bralorne Mines:


Protective glasses and a thick glove used only in one hand. Just as our Time Traveller?

On the ongoing investigation, the NTV crew also spoke to Norm Gronskey, a local historian. “He seems to be the only living witness of the event. He was 11 at that time, and he could not remember anything strange on that day. But he may have been out of the main crowd, or his memory might easily fail him. He said that the outfit was not strange for that time, this kind of sunglasses, photo camera, etc. were not that unusual for those days.Our original post was all about it, nothing unusual for those days.

The crew even found a possible name: Edward Russel.

In the Lilloet news archives we found a short article (just a week before the reopening of the bridge), that read: ‘Visiting his uncle and aunt, L.A.C. Edward Russel came to stay his leave with the Creamers. Two and a half years has he put in with the RCAF and his duties are navigating. L.A.C. Russel stands 6′ 4-1/2" and expects to become a pilot officer when they make cockpits larger." This guy came from UK, this year they were given this kind of glasses (as part of the uniform).

The height and the glasses would be a match, but still, no confirmation. People had suggested the man could also be Albert Wihksne, who lived in the region and who had another photo of the reopening of the bridge. But his son John doesn’t think he was the hipster we are looking for.

Of course, he could still be a time traveller. “I would certainly not exclude that”, considers Balamutenko. Indeed it’s still a possibility, especially now that the original photo has been located.

A very remote possibility, but a fascinating one – and until we positively identify the hipster, he could be a miner, a visitor, an aviator… or a time traveller.

– – –

[With great thanks to Evgeny Balamutenko and congratulations to the whole NTV crew for the find]

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  2. David Rysdam December 3rd, 2010 10:29 am

    Poor John. I independently hypothesized it could be Albert and emailed him too. He’s probably been deluged.

  3. Evgeni Balamutenko December 3rd, 2010 8:13 pm

    David, we spoke to John in person. His Dad Albert really looks similar to the time traveler guy, but John is 100% sure that it’s not his father. Alas!

  4. Frank John Reid December 6th, 2010 6:18 am

    The only thing slightly odd is the presence of the fedora-wearing identical twins….

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  6. Evelina December 17th, 2010 6:05 am

    that guy looks so cool 😀 since the finding of this picture i’ve been wishing secretly that he would be a time traveller after all. this comes from an addicted fan of Back to the Future and Doctor Who xD
    this picture is my absolute favorite of all the pictures in the world xD
    what do you think we could do TODAY to make the future generations think we’re time travellers? the sad part, i think.. is that whatever we do now, it won’t lookeven half that crazy :p nothing looks crazy anymore.

  7. Craig December 20th, 2010 4:10 pm

    Everything is imagination. There’s nothing strange happening with the world. The world is okay as always.

    What’s happening to people instead? Billions are completely mad. Everything you see or feel our ancestors knew about. And they were completely normal; no mind diseases, no brain disorder, nor neurosis or stress with them. The Earth is perfect; the weather is under control, no UFOs, no Alliens’existence. Crop circles are a lie and NASA confirms there’s no evidence of life beyond our Earth.

    The Maia’s calendar will prove to be another great illusion from stupid esoterics and fool mystics. Cepticism is the only guide, the most secure way for our lives. Who needs Christ, religion or faith? Faith is a terrible madness according to Dawkins special mind. God is a human creation. Darwin was right: we were monkeys. And monkeys we’ll be again when our old universe crashes and all life will disappear to start again in another big-bang.

    Million thanks. From now on my religion is the science and skepticism is my honorable faith! All the rest are folks!

  8. Theresa Robinson April 8th, 2011 3:03 pm

    One of my friends in class just showed me this website & I think this is very interesting. I just want to know whether or not this guy is really a time traveler. I want to know if they’re real. Im just very interested in things like this for some reason. But if anyone gets any new information about this guy I would like for you to email me and let me know if thats okay with you all. Thank you

  9. Alice December 21st, 2011 4:21 pm

    I still think this case is really interesting and has more potential than some other ”time travel” legends out there. Even if he most likely isn’t and his outfit doesn’t really stand out, even in 1940, I’d like to believe he might’ve been a time traveler. I know everything about time travel seems very unrealistic and futuristic to most people right now, but it isn’t all science fiction. It’s not the same as things like aliens, because it’s actually scientifically possible.
    For so far I know, CERN is already doing research for time travel, so it might not even be as far in the future as we might think. Of course, there will always be the problems of the time paradox and such, but it will be at least possible to travel to the future by creating a (stable) wormhole big enough to actually send objects through time, going faster as light.
    Maybe scientists have already succeeded in making atoms go a little faster than light and thus letting them ”travel” through time or space, even if it is only hardly noticeable, it could be considered time travel.

  10. Atrea June 2nd, 2012 4:38 pm

    The guy has a folding Kodak, right? Considering the occasion and the fact that a number of people are taking photographs of the event would it not be reasonable to assume HE was taking photographs? An easy way to determine who this fellow is or might be is to just look for as many other photographs from this event as can be found. Look in archives, bug locals who might have been there or know who was, match pictures. Chances are it will be possible to actually find the hipster’s pictures (looking from where he was looking) or at least friends/relatives/children if any are still around.

    It’ll be pretty amazing to track this guy down, time traveler or not.

  11. badexamples February 20th, 2013 6:53 am

    I’m sorry, I’m not buying that folding-camera bit. The reflections clearly show a cylindrical lens, and there is no evidence of folds in the camera. Also not buying the sewn letter shirt, these 2 examples were very poor. Anyone with eyes can see that…Not saying he was a time traveler, just hoping you will do better research to prove otherwise (you can do better than that)…lame. Another couple interestings…the woven sweater turns to leather or cloth near the shoulders, he is wearing some strapped thing under his shirt, looks like backpack straps.

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