Extraordinary claims. Ordinary investigations.

Self-fulfilling prophecy


“Last fall, on Oct. 8, Gennady Osipovich met with a Gypsy woman to have his future told. He became enraged when the self-proclaimed clairvoyant informed him that he was bound for a "kazyonny dom," or "state-sponsored house," a Russian slang term for prison, regional prosecutors said in a statement Thursday.

Osipovich proceeded to employ dubious logic, according to the prosecutors. In order to prevent this fortune from coming true, Osipovich tried to kill the woman. He pulled out a knife and stabbed her, though she managed to escape.

Tragically, two witnesses were unable to flee in time. Osipovich stabbed each of them repeatedly, and the victims died of the knife wounds, investigators said.

Prosecutors said Osipovich was sentenced to 22 years in a maximum security prison.” [Moscow Times]

As incredible as the story is, and as skeptical as we usually are of such, here’s a link for an official website (in Russian) with confirmation. [via Marginal Revolution]

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  2. chris October 14th, 2010 1:31 pm

    this is rubbish, she is obviously cold reading and he hasnt liked what she said and stabbed her so in a way its more irony of a bit of a unstable man

  3. ken October 29th, 2010 3:44 am

    Last time I went to a fortune teller she stated “I knew you’d be here right about now!” YIKES!

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