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New column for the CSI: Counterclockwise


I started to write a new column for the renewed website of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry, a great honor as CSICOP was one of the initiatives that led me to write, among other things, this very blog (and a major skeptical website in Brazil). And as a Brazilian, I will try to write more about things around here, thus the title, ‘Counterclockwise’, referring to a common misconception. Water can drain counterclockwise in this hemisphere.

For my first column, I wrote about the photo above. The man in sunglasses is Francisco “Chico” Xavier, one of the most respected mediums and religious leaders in Brazil. What seems to be simply someone covered in a white sheet in the center is allegedly the ectoplasmic materialization of sister Josefa. Yes, we had materialization seánces taken very seriously in Brazil in the 1960s. And they are still taken seriously by many.

Be sure to read the whole story about Spiritualism in Brazil: Alive and Kicking.

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  1. Clark Kent June 6th, 2012 8:59 pm

    Your text shows clearly tendentious, showing only the part of the story that suits you. The history was very badly told, starting with the principle that the “Cruzeiro Newspaper” was a kind of Brazilian tabloid, where nobody could trust. But, of course, when we want to prof that one thing is a hoax, any source of information is valid.

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