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The Biggest Crop Circle Ever: the reality show


Almost 60 acres. 530 x 450 meters in size. Created in an evening of August, 2009, at the province of Zeeland, Netherlands, it’s the biggest “crop circle” ever created. And with a twist.

Everything was recorded in video, as this was definitely a very human creation. To be more exact, a creation of 60 humans captured in its process from concept to realization by the cameras of the reality TV show “Try Before You Die”. Click on the image below to see the short clip where cute presenter Geraldine Kemper becomes one of the team leaders stomping crop around in the middle of the night:


The culprits are the members of XL D-Sign team, which has been creating fantastic formations for more than ten years – many of which are promoted as “mysterious” to this day. This latest one, the biggest one to date, was properly named project Atlas, and aimed not only to break the size record but also depict “a message of both the beauty and vulnerability of man”.


The gigantic formation can be interpreted in several ways, from the metamorphosis of a butterfly, to the Vitruvian Man, to Mothman and perhaps even chakras. All part of a human symbology, with a human message, created by humans to humans, surpassing in size every crop circle ever created.

Of course, even this will probably not convince those willing to believe in this mystery of crop circles. Nothing ever will, as it’s impossible to prove that all and every crop circle is man-made, and believers will often not accept the reasoning by which one crop circle must be proved not man-made, and not the other way around.

Even those that do understand that the burden of proof lies in proving that there is something other than human circlemakers (and fungus, and lodging, and other prosaic explanations) here will cling to one or another crop circle. Until it’s proven man-made… and they jump to the next crop circle that just “cannot” be man-made. Until it’s also proven man-made. That is, in effect it’s the same fallacy of assuming a crop circle to be supernatural unless proven otherwise.

One particular example that’s worth mentioning is the Julia Set formation, allegedly created in less than 45 minutes according to the report of a doctor who flew over the area, and only noticed it in his return trip, 45 minutes later.


Creating 149 circles, several hundred feet in size, is a feat that even seasoned circlemakers would probably have a very hard time doing. I would not say it would be impossible, but as far as I know, no one did it. Yet.

But can we really be sure the huge Julia set formation was made in less 45 minutes? As it turns out, probably not.

“When that doctor flew over, he just didn’t see it the first time. That happens a lot. His report was wrong. He just didn’t see it”, says circlemaker Rod Dickinson. He asserts that he knows the (human) creators of the formation, that “was made the previous night, by three people, in about two and three-quarters hours, starting around 2:45 am (on Sunday morning, July 7). It was there all that day”.

American ufologist Michael Lindemann replies with disbelief: “You mean, it sat there next to that highway all day, and no one saw it? Are you kidding?”

"If you went there, you’d see how the field slopes down and away from the road. The formation was in a kind of bowl, below the level of the road. Going by in a car, you couldn’t see it. You would have to get out and walk toward it and look down into that bowl-shaped area to see it", answers Dickinson.

"But there is a lot of air traffic in that area. Planes must have flown over it many times that day."

"Sure, but lots of them just didn’t see it, and the rest didn’t think to report it, until that doctor reported it in the evening. I know this can happen, because I’ve made quite a few big formations and then waited for a day, even several days, before they’re discovered."

That must be a familiar phenomenon. Those are the Invisible Gorillas.

According to Dickinson, by the way, the same team that created the Julia set formation would also be responsible for the more famous Triple Julia formation.


Those skeptical about Dickinson claims – after all, he doesn’t prove his assertions of knowing who did it, nor is he willing to disclose their names – may simply look carefully at both Julia Set formations. Though the bigger circles followed a more carefully traced work line – which is still visible joining their centers – the smaller, secondary ones were probably stomped “free-hand” and show some gross inconsistencies in their positioning.

But nothing of this will convince those willing to believe in this mystery of crop circles. Nothing ever will. Asked if what he does isn’t just plain fraud, Dickinson offered a thoughtful answer:

"No, it’s not fraud at all. We aren’t the ones who say, ‘Look, these formations must be made by UFOs,’ or whatever. We just make them, as pure art. Then other people, researchers and ‘experts,’ make up all kinds of stories and explanations. It’s interesting to watch this happen, but we aren’t doing it. None of the circle makers ever try to convince anyone that these formations are made by some unusual force. And when we actually tell people that we are making these formations, most people don’t believe us anyway."

The biggest crop circle ever created was recorded by a reality TV show, and will soon be featured by a documentary produced by its creators. Most people will not believe that that has anything to do with the “mystery” of crop circles. [via Francesco Grassi’s Blog]

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  1. Otto March 4th, 2010 3:53 pm

    I absolutely love this. Top that ET! With your “superior technology” and “superior intellect” it should be easy to do right? ET,your pathetic circles are no match for those of man! Anything you can do we can better. Humans for the win!

    Sorry “croppers” just more proof that you’re wrong on the origin of crop circles. (It’s a Faaake – It’s Reaaalll)

    Anyone seen The Tick! cartoon? Looks like an homage to Arthur to me.

  2. alanborky March 6th, 2010 4:05 pm

    Kentaro, as one who finds crop circles peculiarly uninteresting and has no problem with the human explanation I was struck by Rod Dickinson’s assertion, “When that doctor flew over, he just didn’t see it the first time.”

    In fact, that’s entirely possible, but it exactly reverses the normal sceptical take: “People’re always looking for and seeing things that aren’t there.” A lot of people I know say they’re always on the lookout for a good crop circle or UFO sighting, if only to relieve the boredom of driving past countryside for hours on end.

    It doesn’t help Rod Dickinson also resorting to the classic, I didn’t do it, mister, but I know who did.

    Personally, I wonder if some of the circles might be SAS training or initiation exercises, in that they involve getting in and out undetected, and executing complex and difficult activities all undercover of dark.

    The use of normal noisy helicopters’d only increase the risk of being detected – at the very least helicopter reports’d remove some of the mysteriousness the next day.

    I note the XL D-sign team seem to use a normal noisy helicopter and seem to’ve carried out this particular ‘circle’ in daylight.

  3. Cranford March 9th, 2010 10:41 am

    I just don’t know. I can’t help but wonder who or what made the circles which were reported a couple of hundred years ago. Also, why would the practice be continued for so long over the years, and how was it all be done without anyone being caught?
    No idea of an answer, just questions.

  4. bruce March 11th, 2010 3:16 pm

    The AGRIGLYPHS (aka crop circles) of interest are the ones with plants that have been bent but not broken, where there are layers of bent plants with the alternate layers going in different directions. Typically they are found in the early morning after several hours of darkness meaning that they are created in the dark. IMHO to elderly gentlemen (Doug and Dave) did not create all the agriglyphs found during the 1980’s and 1990’s.

  5. mud March 22nd, 2010 1:49 am

    “The World’s Largest CropCircle”, in 2003, according to the documentary, “CropCircles – Quest For Truth” was done in August 2001, the month preceding, not after, the September Eleven attacks. One of the first witnesses on the scene says he had a close encounter with a “ball of light” which proceeded to knock him out.
    That’s enough for me – even if there are human-made cropcircles – this matter indicated inside knowledge of forthcoming historical events as one of the most potentially rationalisable motives.

    The more serious factor people do not seem to be considering properly is that man-made cropcircles are a “fly in the ointment” that DO NOT prove all are man-made, in fact suggest further cover-up of UFO info… but worst of all, when it is obvious that ALL of this is TRESPASSING (against the law), and also potentially STALKING in order to know when a cropcircle can be made without being seen… A quote from the final scene of Terminator 3 seems appropriate:

  6. wind of change March 26th, 2010 9:20 pm

    How gullible can you be? The facts here are not correct. In the video mentioned it is stated that 100 people allegedly worked on this while at the xldsign site you’ll read 60 people? This video is obvious claptrap because it does not show anything of the alleged creation, just some folks with stomp boards in the dark.
    xldsign is not spoken of anytime during the video. Very cleverly made but hardly convincing, it lasts
    about 6minutes only and shows absolutely nothing. xldsign did not even bother to post it at their own site.
    Says it all I’d say. Check this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_XsBKQpydHU

  7. bluelotus April 17th, 2010 7:38 am

    Oh come on. All you see is some people with a diagram of the crop circle on paper. Then some people stomping away. And then a helicopter ride over the crop circle.

    Even if this is man made, the video does not shows the actual making, which must have taken days of work.

    All that this proves is that honesty is dead! I am seriusly beginning to believe that the human species is pathetic.

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  9. Hybrid Archangel April 28th, 2010 2:31 pm

    I want a live demo….

    Not a one hour nightime Charlie Chaplanesque, stop motion, comedy!

    The vulnerability of man is in he being evoled from, he doesn’t know what!

    YOU are 99.5% Neanderthal genome. (How the hell did that happen?)

    “Cain knew his Neanderthal wife”…..

    The ‘people’ in the wilderness who Cain thought, would kill him, for, he kiling his brother…..
    All he borne were mixing male offspring who did not leave any
    mtDNA behind. (Alan Cooper) Professor of Zoology Oxford University.

    Seth was born 30,000 years after Cain and inbred with his brother’s offspring. That makes us a species of interbred/inbred, hybrids…..

    The Almighty does work in (not so) mysterious ways…

    Do me a favor and live demo in a field of mature OSR…
    (without your satan’s footpath)

    And good fuhking luck….!

  10. Twonky May 2nd, 2010 8:31 pm

    I saw my first marking in the early 50’s. A 25 foot circle in wheat. (In those days there were no tractor lines. All aerial spraying,) It was flattened tight to the ground, and of course, swirled.

    It baffled the researchers. They concluded, “It was a UFO nest”. I was sitting on the floor at my mother’s feet playing with a tin cop car. I asked her; “Ma. Can I see it?” She handed it down to me, I rolled my finger around it and said; “I know who it is, God.” Today I know, it’s Almighty God…HaShem…..

    (He wanted to have a Son born into flesh to a virgin He would make.)

    Netherlanders are Neanderthalers if you think we ‘rational’ modern humans believe you. You are worse than Team Satan aka the ‘CircleMakers.org’ in England. You have ties and lies with them, obviously. Because they can’t get to any other country where markings appear….

    So, a well funded, Global Cabal…..OOOOOOOOO….

    Impossible for you plank yanking morons, to plank wank Oil Seed Rape, at the mature stage. Your mentor, Jim Schnabel said, when asked by me, “How do you do those Jim?” He rep-lied; “We get those plants in the bud!”

    And those plants show up as a disheveled, lifting mess. Not flattened tight to the ground and swirled. No bend at 90% with tiny ‘blow holes’ as if steamed to soften them. The yellow flowers, untouched….

    Demo me one, in a field of mature OSR without the devil’s foot path….

    Try before you die in your lies……

    You world wide crop clowns, have to share wih the leigons of HaShem. His angels were involved, before you ever planked out a marking….

    There is a hierarchy at play on the Earth….

    And you jumped into it, feet first……

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