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Billy Meier remakes


Do the photos above seem different? One is an allegedly alien spacecraft by Billy Meier. The other is one of the top 60 remakes by Phil Langdon, made with a plastic garbage lid and other trinkets.


People have long been seeing the obvious tricks used to create such UFO photos, involving mainly forced perspective – including the use of a small bonsai-like tree.


But Phil Langdon managed to match almost every little detail of Meier’s photos. Here he is with the small tree and one of the models:


Click for the full gallery on The Biggest Secret Forum.

Of course, one may think unnecessary to debunk such photos. Who would believe them in the first place?

Well, Fox Mulder wanted to believe, as the poster on his office was a cropped version of one of Meier’s photos.


Meier’s original shot is here, and Langdon’s remake of that classic shot is here.

The Meier case is quite interesting, as besides using a garbage can lid as part of an alien spacecraft, he sold photos of TV dancers as beautiful humanoids from the DAL-Universe and illustrations as shots from space, the future or the past.

Note two of the previous links go to Meier’s explanations to such exposes, where he actually claims that the original sources were created a posteriori to discredit him, and/or that the photos he sold were switched with hoaxed ones without his knowledge by Men in Black.

It sounds like something out of the plot of the final seasons of X-Files. Which is not good at all.

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  2. Rimero de enlaces November 25th, 2010 5:04 am

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  3. Rich in Washington November 28th, 2010 11:14 pm

    I am continually flummoxed by people who continue to believe in Meier’s schtick, doubly so by those who buy Adamski’s stories.

  4. Bob Couttie January 7th, 2011 10:50 am

    An update: Michael Horn, Meier’s authorised representative in the US, has hired a former CIA agent cum low-bdget movie producer, Michael D. Sellers, to promote Meier through the latter’s film distribution company, Quantum Releasing!

    Sellers is also involved in an outfit called PWRN run by a Canadian, Allan Holender, which promotes Horn.

    So now it has the nod of the CIA!

  5. DAK May 10th, 2011 1:45 pm

    Nice “remakes” Phil! I congratulate you upon your interest in reaching back into the 70’s photography, with software that didn’t exist then.

    YOUR photos are easily spotted – due to lighting, perspective, focus, and general Photoshop effects(being in graphic arts, gives me 30 years experience in critical viewing of a photo)

    What I’d like you(Phil) to take from this, is that you ACTUALLY applied yourself to the images – most never give any thought to things choosing to rely upon small-minded capacity.

    Those who say ” we know” – and have never been PERSONALLY there or checked out for ourselves(by being personally present)

    While I may currently choose to accept Meier’s story(having read all English versions of contact reports, movies, and acquaintances who spoke with Meier personally) – I DO NOT blindly follow anyone. I make my choices, and allow interaction upon thought, to produce any results possible, and then think about the effects of such changes, choosing ONLY those that create peace, Earth restoration, and respect life in ALL forms.


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