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HAARP, Crop Circles and Giant Weather Rings?


“This Dramatic Spiral Burst known to ‘insiders’ as The Ring of Fire Fault was observed on national radar over Melbourne Australia today – but then what?  Is this the HAARP smoking gun?” – Colin Andrews

Andrews, more known for his involvement with crop circles, tries very hard to work up some curious geometric patterns seen through weather stations in Australia over the last few days. They are indeed quite interesting, which gives him room to speculate about “strange weather effects, possible weather modification experiments or the secret agenda behind the global HAARP project”.

Amazingly, however, Andrews has already received and actually reproduced the quite prosaic explanations for these patterns… but he simply don’t seem to get it.


For these rings, radial spokes and even spirals are not actual weather patterns affecting our aussie fellows. Quoting what Andrews himself quoted:

“This is regarding your radar anomaly images on the 22/1 over Australia. The one over North West Australia is a fault known by our technicians as ‘the ring of fire fault’. Its caused by sever arching inside the pulse forming network of the radar. Its nothing suspicious, its just a very rare fault, and its the first time that its ever happened on one of our radars.”

He also quotes a reply from the Kalgoorlie-Boulder Met Office:

“Early Saturday there were sort of concentric circles of echoes between 200 Kms and 400 Kms from Kalgoorlie-Boulder.  However there was no weather around this area from which radar signals might have been reflected.  It would therefore seem to be due to what is referred to as "anomalous propagation ". (false echoes) or even possibly dust in the atmosphere.”


“I am a Bureau of Meteorology tech who works on the radars. Just had look at the images from the WA area. The level 1 rain threshold is either set too low, hence picking up noise, or there is someone working nearby on a transmitting device, which falls within the bandwidth of our radio, hence the radio "speckle" interference. Noticed the "swept gain" attenuates the signal out, out to so many km’s. The idea of AP "Anomalous Propagation" is often when there is a temperature inversion, and the radar picks up "false echoes" off the atmosphere. Regards – David”

So, you see, these are all artifacts from the equipment, there were no actual concentric or spiral clouds, much less ominous bright red things over there. Andrews even quotes an official reply with a more extensive explanation from the BOM explaining those “Donut Rings”, Radial and Spiral Echoes, take a look:


If you don’t swallow it, the most obvious evidence for the official and prosaic explanation is that at the center of all these patterns is… the radar station. Just head over to the Australian Bureau of Meteorology website and check the map for their radar network:


Now, let’s overlay the anomalies:


From which it’s easy to see they are centered around the radars stations at Broome, Kalgoorlie and Melbourne. Notice that the rings are not just around the vicinity of the stations. At their exact center there is always a station, and you can guess it’s exactly the one that generated that anomalous data. Further, that the diameter of the anomalies is also coincidental with the range of said radars.

So, either you fantasize that someone for some unknown reason is creating bizarre clouds centered exactly around weather stations or you accept that those are temporary equipment faults and glitches. Of said weather stations. Exactly as the local Meteorological Office explained.

But Andrews don’t seem to get it. It’s actually funny to read this bit:

“After a great deal of research for a week by myself and many others across Australia (thank you), I seem to have identified the radar stations at the center of some of these effects.  The dramatic black radial spokes surrounding a red ruby star like feature which appeared on the national radar on January 22, 2010 at 00.00 hrs UTC, emanated from the ground based station at Broome, WA”.

It only takes a few minutes to find the map for the Australian weather radar network (the same one Andrews presents in his page) and overlay the screen captures of the anomalies to find the relevant weather stations. That this is considered “a great deal of research” is quite revealing. He goes on and on, quoting theories he received mentioning Tesla, previous crop circles, electric discharges and pretty much anything that comes up.

These weather radar anomalies are actually nothing new. Many may remember they already caused some buzz many years ago, and they periodically mystify people around when they see those rings at their preferred weather websites. Four years ago, for instance, people talked about a “nuclear explosion” over Netherlands. People have also been linking them with HAARP and chemtrails for almost a decade.

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  1. jim December 6th, 2010 6:06 pm

    Could the goverment be useing HARRP to draw on the earth to see if they are detected , they say EMP or some wave that interacts with the plant the same as if HAARP was used on the human brain at a pulse that could control us and the way plants grow . The goverments know how to do this already im sure i imagein HAARP as the pen or paintbrush and counrtys fields as the canvas or drawing board . Remember they have a small thing to make pattens on your t-shirts when you put a patten program into the computer the needle and the program do the rest .why not on a bigger scale test that with HAARP. But the HAARP is high freqenty and can be made to not hurt just modify what every it is programmed to do .

  2. John March 23rd, 2011 7:34 am


    I am pretty curious about these rings – and some of the non sense which is being generated from a person on You Tube know as dutchsinse. He is creating allot of paranoia about these radar rings and HAARP. It sure would be funny if you took on of his video’s and mirrored it – and explained to the paranoid masses just exactly what these anomaly’s are.

    Thank you

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