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Two Nobel Prizes?


Just saw this photo of 16 year-old Marie Curie at Kuriositas, and it immediately reminded me of the Challenge Accepted meme.

Marie Curie, two Nobel Prizes, first female professor at the University of Paris, giving away patent rights for the good of mankind, dying by radiation poisoning due to her strenuous work, but not before raising two kids, one of which would also come to receive another Nobel Prize.

Marie Curie, like a boss.

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Stick-Figure Alien in Argentina was CGI

Last year, a “stick-figure” alien made an apparition during an interview in Caleta Olivia, Argentina. The video has since had more than 20 million views, but as it turns out, shortly after it was published on Youtube, the authors also published this:

Where you can see the original hoaxed video in higher definition (starting at 00:14). And the original alien in some other poses. They also made the Alien model dance in one of Caleta Olivia’s landmarks.

And they also confessed the hoax on Fact or Faked:

One more stick-figure alien video  solved, but let’s review the plenty of other ones from the beggining.

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Rude Illusion of the Month


Brazilian beauty, Taiana Vasconcelos, and the awkwardness of light refraction.

Bonus rude illusion after the jump.

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