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Stick-Figure Alien in Argentina was CGI

Last year, a “stick-figure” alien made an apparition during an interview in Caleta Olivia, Argentina. The video has since had more than 20 million views, but as it turns out, shortly after it was published on Youtube, the authors also published this:

Where you can see the original hoaxed video in higher definition (starting at 00:14). And the original alien in some other poses. They also made the Alien model dance in one of Caleta Olivia’s landmarks.

And they also confessed the hoax on Fact or Faked:

One more stick-figure alien video  solved, but let’s review the plenty of other ones from the beggining.

Quives Man

In 2007, a candid video from Santa Rosa de Quives, Peru, showed what was called “The Quives Man” or “Santa Rosa Goblin”. After much fanfare they finally publicized the original video with a decent quality, which showed the Alien was in fact a stick. From the bushes.

Fresno Alien

Promoted in 2009 by Victor Camacho, to this day I haven’t seen a good quality version of the video on the web. As the Peruvian one, this could be crucial to solving the case, though a misidentification is quite unlikely – it’s either an actual “Nightcrawler”, or a hoax.

Fact or Faked attempted to reproduce the video with a puppet pulled by strings, without much success. I still stand by the original suggestion back then: what they didn’t try was removing the puppet altogether and simply pulling pieces of cloth.

Funny thing is, they did try pieces of cloth on attempting to reproduce the Caleta Olivia alien. Bottomline is, unless the author of the video confess the hoax, this is where things will probably stand: it’s probably just pices of cloth pulled by strings. See videos below.

Nigthcrawler Meme

And now this type of alien-creature became a meme, and we see videos showing up by anonymous sources, usually digital artists trying their luck into viral videos.

The video above was found by, what a coincidence, a guy who was already doing analysis on the original Fresno video. It’s allegedly from Yosemite.

The time tag and the noise in the video seem somewhat artificial to me, that is, digital filters added to emulate analogical artefacts. This would suggest the creatures were also created by CGI, and it would be an interesting thing, since it would be a digital creation emulating real-life cloth.

Fact is, any anonymous extraordinary video you find on the Internet has zero credilbility. Like the next one:

I couldn’t find any source information except it’s allegedly from Fresno. But this one is interesting because it (more) clearly shows how a piece of cloth pulled by a string can look like.

Not exactly like the original Fresno video, but it ironically illustrates the idea.

Funny thing is, this last video reminded me of the Japanese “Teru teru bozu”, a little traditional hand-made doll made of white paper or cloth that Japanese farmers began hanging outside of their window by a string.


So, they may look creepy, but try to see them as just tiny little bald Buddhist monks with smiley faces bringing good weather. Pulled by a hoaxer, sometimes.

Not Nightcrawlers.

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  2. Lance Moody October 13th, 2011 11:27 pm

    Hi Kentaro,

    I am fairly certain that the Nightcrawler one is not CGI.

    I believe that it issimply two people walking.

    The foreground person is wearing stilts.

    Both persons are wearing white pants and probably dark tops.

    Because the background is static, it is child’s play to erase the tops of their bodies in a program like After Effects.

    Now the clincher is that the video is being run in reverse which makes the walking look strange.

    Knowing the above, take another look and all should become clear.



  3. Tom Jones November 21st, 2011 3:13 pm

    In the Caleta Olivia video there is shadow discontinuity – the subject is sunlit at a low angle from right-of-frame and the space alien is sunlit from a high angle mid-left of frame, resulting in two different shadows which do not agree with one another.

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