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Wonder Woman?

FO0lI (1)

I found this image very interesting, especially since there’s no digital tampering and the seemingly supernatural strength of the fine lady can actually be understood if you pay attention to detail – and know something about photography.

The explanation, after the jump.

If you look closely (or click to view the original size of the image), you can see the weight is actually 10 pounds, so we can assume she’s lifting only 20 pounds.

It looks rather large simply because of forced perspective. It’s much closer to the camera than the lady.

Simple but nice illusion.

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  1. Erik Steffl August 15th, 2011 3:46 am

    There’s also the bar which is usually 40 – 45 pounds.

  2. Neolit August 15th, 2011 8:13 am

    Let us not forget the weight of the bar which is around 20 pounds. So, in order to be accurate, the lady is lifting, probably, around 40 pounds. :)

  3. Graham August 19th, 2011 12:29 am

    Mate, those plates are oly lifting plates which make them the same size as regular 20kg/45pound plates. They actually are as big as you see them.

  4. MNeumann August 24th, 2011 8:56 am

    She has bad technique, she has to keep her lower back on the bench otherwise she is hurting her spine.

  5. Dude September 7th, 2011 3:49 am

    Even if it was 45lbs…135lbs (the bar is usually 45lbs) is not “superhuman” for a woman to bench, even one as cute as this one. Arching the back is not great to do, but arching to press your shoulders into the bench is used to help push heavy bench weight up…it won’t kill you and is a bit of an old wives tale to get you to stay flat and work your pecs more.

  6. Casey September 7th, 2011 9:04 pm

    Graham is absolutely right. Those are high density rubber bumper plates under her feet, as is obvious from the weight-specific color coding. The plates she is lifting are made from recycled tires in Tuscumbia, AL for Rogue Fitness. No forced perspective involved. They’re readily available at:


    FYI she’s probably in a Crossfit gym.

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