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3D in the Blink of Electrocuted Eyes?

Experience 3D without the fuss of cumbersome glasses! According to an experiment by Jonathan Post presented by one Francois, all you have to do is stick some small gadgets to the side of your head, activate them with two remote controls and have your eyes electrocuted so that they blink frenetically in synchrony with the images in a display.

This is such a great prank, and it definitely is a prank – even if the system was real, no one would seriously propose such a thing, not even for “CES 2012”.

But is the system real, that is, did they manage to have someone blink that fast?

You may remember one of the pioneers of face electrocution on the web, Japanese artist Daito Manabe. On the video above he tries to reproduce the feat with his equipment, without success.

With my device, muscle couldn’t move faster over 9Hz”, he writes. “Also it was impossible to open my eyes when blinking was too fast.

Note that in the video description, Jonathan Post claims his device only works on 120Hz displays! Surely no one can blink 120 times per second. The eyes would just shut. Twitching your eyes and actually having them fully shut and open are different things.

Even assuming he had his eyes blinking at a fraction of that speed (60, 30, 15 Hz…), we would also have to wonder how he managed to electrically stimulate his eyelids with such tiny wireless devices, which besides strobing lights also happen to be synchronized with very polished remote controls. Controls that must be sending infrared signals – he points the RCs to the tiny things – so besides strobing lights and electrocuting your face, those tiny, tiny things are also supposed to have infrared sensors.

One could speculate that perhaps on the right spot and the right voltages, one could stimulate not only the eyelids to shut, as Manabe did, but also to open, and then one would be able to blink faster. But then, when you see the video, he simply puts the tiny things in the side of his head without much care of exactly where he was putting it.

This works too well and is too polished a thing for a “prototype”. But is exactly what you would expect if you wanted to simulate you had some gadgets electrocuting your eyelids. The remote controls are more appropriated for an air conditioner, the 120Hz value is probably a number he got from actual 3D display technologies.

I bet that the video was instead created with CGI. He is not actually blinking that fast.

So far the only thing we know from Jonathan Post is the video itself, and very soon he will reveal what he was actually promoting. More than a couple million views in three days… well deserved, as this is one more of those virals that make you laugh and then think.

Something short of an Ig Nobel.

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  2. Aladdin January 18th, 2011 1:18 am

    I took some freeze frames from the video, and it appears that it is a very clever cgi job. If you look at this pic (http://twitpic.com/3r2frk), you can see that on the top image, when he is truly blinking, his eyelids don’t form a dark fold along the top of his eye, but when he goes into hyper-blink mode, suddenly there are shadowy folds above his eyes when they appear to be closed. My guess is he used a technique similar to Andrew Cramer’s advanced eye-replacement tutorial (http://www.videocopilot.net/tutorials/eye_replacement/).

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  4. Jack February 2nd, 2011 5:30 am

    Frame Rate of the 2 cameras is slow, so by blinking at a certain rate along with the rate of shutter on the camera, makes the illusion.

  5. squarehead February 22nd, 2011 8:41 am

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