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A UFO Shark Tale

Last August 26, 2012, four teenage girls from the city of Tres Pontas, state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, captured the UFO video above. We can hear them gasping at the sight of what may look like a flying saucer. “We can see it clearly! It’s a spaceship, I’m sure!”, they yell.

The local Ufologist said he was “impressed with the images … if they are not hoaxed, they are among on the most impressive ever”, adding that “we are used in this field of Ufology to finding authentic cases and reports that are not taken seriously by the authorities.”

Another one suggested it may have been a solar balloon, but amazingly it was a bunch of nice enthusiasts on a social network, part of the group Brazilian Center of Ufology (CUB) who correctly pointed the UFO was a laminated helium balloon.

Sure enough, shortly thereafter and with the huge success of the “Tres Pontas UFO” video, which received national TV coverage, neighbor Fabio da Silva Fonseca confirmed he was the one who launched that no-longer-UFO into the sky.

“At the moment the balloon escaped, we were here outside and saw it going up. It went to the direction where it was sighted by the girls at around the same time”, Fonseca told. “I’m absolutely sure it was the balloon.” You can watch above the follow-up TV coverage with the girls, Fonseca and the balloon.

And it was a simple remote-controlled, helium filled shark balloon. Upon some scouring the web I found it’s from the Air Swimmer brand, 60 inches (1,3m) long and being sold in Brazil for around a USD100. The white patch in the bottom matches the brighter parts of the “UFO”, including an interruption midway caused by the opaque blue dorsal fins. An upper fin and tail can also be hinted when the image is enhanced.


It seems the same brand of fishy balloons have been causing some stir elsewhere too.

The case is fun because of the buzz it generated down here, but I personally love this next one, also solved by the folks of the Brazilian Center of Ufology back in 2008. I doubt you will recognize what kind of balloon this is:


Give it a try. Then find out what it was by clicking here.

I must also add that I was wrong in this case. When I quickly viewed the Tres Pontas UFO video I thought it was a cracked sheet of glass, similar to this one from Argentina, which is just cracked windshield:


Needless to say, I was very wrong. Had I actually watched the whole video I would have seen the object is seen from several different angles. A remote controlled flying shark was the answer. I would never have thought of that!

There are more things between the sky and the Earth than can imagine our vain philosophy, but they may not necessarily be that much impressive when viewed up close, even though they may cheer up a child’s party.

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  2. Yvan Defoy October 30th, 2012 6:05 pm

    wow .. walt disney corp. is in cahoot with the aliens.

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