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A Brazilian Werewolf

Priest distribute crucifixes to scare the mysterious man away

From the G1 news service:

‘Werewolf’ scares inhabitants in Ceara state
Suspect robs sheep and breaks into houses in the Ceara rural area. Police officer says someone is using masks to scare the naive.

Inhabitants from the rural area of Taua, Ceara, are scared with the doings of a ‘werewolf’ who is robbing sheep and breaking into houses of the locality. Two cases were registered by the city police this Wednesday, July 9.

Despite being a New Moon night this Monday, a woman said to the police that she saw a man “half-man and half-wolf”. On Tuesday, a 12 year old boy also told the police officers that he saw a similar figure near his house.

Both reports suggest that the figure is “very ugly and have a strong sulfur smell”. “I believe it is a person using a werewolf mask to scare the people of the area, who strongly believe in folk tales. They are innocent and naive people”, said the regional deputy officer, Marcos Sandro Lira.

He confirmed he recorded two official reports on the case. “We are investigating a possible group that is acting this way to commit some crimes, but nothing supernatural”, said Lira.

In the city the case has been already named the “midnight mystery”, and is being viewed with humor.

In the south of the country

In April of this year, inhabitants of Santana do Livramento, Rio Grande do Sul, also had their moments of terror with attacks of a “Black Caped Man". Without solid data about the apparitions, the investigation approached the records as mere folklore. "Unfortunately, we have more important things to solve", said deputy officer Eduardo Sant’Anna Finn.

Joke or reality, priest Valerio Silveira, 71, decided to react and adopted an emergency measure to help protect the followers of the Prayer House. He distributes "bloodied" crucifixes, painted red, claiming that the object repels the "Black Caped Man".

Will the Ceara Werewolf case be solved? Will the Black Caped Man be captured? Should we prepare our own bloodied crucifixes?

Brazil has also seen recently the case of the house with squirted blood, and is home of bizarre reports such as the boiling oil aliens, also from the more traditional northern states.

The reports of werewolves and black caped men coming from rural areas are similar to reports coming from India, or Tanzania.

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Imaginary Animals – Alexandre Jorge


Amazing series of works by Brazilian artist Alexandre Jorge. And made with… papier maché!Click for more.

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Giant ‘jiboia’ snake in Brazil

Reader José Paulo Grandal, from Pará, Brazil, found and kindly sent us (thank you!) the scan of the photograph of a seemingly enormous Brazilian snake. The scan is from a copy, and the embedded description on it reads something like:

“This is a ‘jiboia’ snake of which only part appears. It has approximately 48 meters [sic] and was found on the ‘Jari’ Lake, Pará state, where some people say there are no Big Snakes. On 11/10/1949“.

The original photograph has the description (with the same information) written on the back, as Grandal tells. And even he doubts the size ascribed to the snake, which looks immense because of perspective.

But it does look like an extremely big one, there are no clear signs of tampering that I could see, and Grandal even asks for tips on how to better preserve the original photograph, as the writings on the back are already fading.

I hope someone is interested on better analyzing it, perhaps a more accurate size estimate is still possible.

UPDATE: Herpetologist Chad Arment, from Strangeark.com, kindly informed us that the “snake photo was originally published (per Newton’s Encyclopedia of Cryptozoology) April 28, 1949, in the newspaper A Provincia do Pará, credited to Joaquim Alencar. The snake was alleged 45 meters, and was found on the Rio Abuna (Acre State). There’s been a fair bit of confusion over the details over the years, and different lengths have been reprinted along with the same photo at different times. The locality details printed on the photo sent to you appear to be another variant.”

As to the size of the animal, “there is, unfortunately, no way to determine the length of the snake from the photo itself”, Arment explains. “And I don’t see any visual clues supporting an extraordinary length in the anaconda”. As Craig York also noticed, the snake could be very close to the camera and its apparent size would be just a perspective trick.

Its actual size could be big, but not extraordinary.

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Cetaceans, sex & sea serpents

In 1741, missionary Hans Egede published his report of a “most dreadful monster” seen near the coast of Greenland. Along with an illustration by Egede himself, it would become a particularly famous account in the vast collection of “sea serpents” tales.

Since then, many explanations to the sighting were advanced, such as the one that says the folks may have seen a giant squid (Architeuthis), with one of the tentacles mistaken for a tail.

But Charles Paxton, from University of St Andrews, Scotland, suggested a couple of years ago a much more interesting hypothesis. Paxton has already been awarded the IgNobel in Biology in 2002 for his study on the “Courtship behaviour of ostriches towards humans under farming conditions in Britain“, so his hypothesis may not be such a surprise.

Paxton proposes the folks saw a whale penis.

Yes, a male whale of a species unknown to the travelers, for some reason excited and having its erect organ — which can reach up to two meters in length — mistaken for the tail of some sea serpent.

An image, however, may be worth more than the last dozen words:

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"Alien" corpse in Thailand

People love freak shows, and our entry about the poor deformed puppy who looked “human” is one of the most  popular. Well, this one may be as popular.

This time, it’s a cow. Continue reading for the actual series of pictures of the creature.

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