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Soviet Experiments in Dog Cyborgs


I don’t know where this actually came from (click for more images), but 1) It’s a nice Photoshop job, and 2) It’s a reference to the real experiments by Soviet Dr. Sergei Bryukhonenko, who kept disembodied dog heads alive for short periods of time.

On a probably related note, I did find the source for this other puzzling image:


"Their last solemn moment, before we buried the gate and the truth with it. Pyramiden, Spitsbergen 1928".

It’s part of an ARG, Mysterium Magnum.

Which probably has nothing to do with the cyborg dog, but both may be related to ARGs. Or viral campaigns. In any event, Photoshop, nice Photoshops. [via Nerdcore, Eduardo Lisboa]

UPDATE: From the comments at BoingBoing, the source for the cyborg dog, actually “The Kollie”, is an art project by “hotshkin”. Click for the full gallery:


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A Homemade Escher’s Waterfall

A representation of an impossible scene, Escher’s Waterfall has just been made real, at least on Youtube.

What do you think? I first thought it could be a very clever perspective trick, such as the Escher for Real series or the ball rolling uphill illusion.

But on watching the video in higher resolution, the shadows and reflections, I suspect it is yet another damn good CGI job. Damn good.

Speaking of which, the Jonathan Post video has been solved, it was the superb work by a pair of Brazilians, Luis Carone and Daniel Dias. CGI work, that is.

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A Real Lightning Fight

Tesla would be proud, as a century later this is a twist on the demonstrations he himself performed with his Tesla coils.

Tesla coils above which the two fellows with full conductive suits stand just to shoot lightning from their heads and hand. Science guarantees the electric current will pass through the fine metallic suit, and not the body of the brave electric guys, though in reality loose connections may tingle, or a little more than tingle. The Lords of Lightningfeel little tingles to thumping shocks inside the suit”, not to mention some ozone that must be produced.

And for what? Because this is amazingly awesome. [via New Scientist]

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V-J Day Kiss in Color


Reddit user “mygrapefruit” colorized this iconic image, and the result is just great.

One could prefer the Watchmen alternative version, but can’t we appreciate them all? [via ReflectionOf.me]

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Where is her leg?


Hint: look at the shoe, is that a right or left foot? [via pya.cc]

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