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A suspicious UFO in Wichita


I usually refrain from posting too many debunkings in a row, but what can I do? In the past few days dubious images have been raining, and some ordinary investigations are due.

The image above was sent by Daniel, February 6, 2009, to Dirk Vander Ploeg from UFO Digest. According to Ploeg:

“The majority of the evidence, including photographic evidence and testimonies from present and past air force personnel makes me believe the object photographed by Daniel is a B-2 Stealth transporting a Drone similar to the SR-71 Blackbird.”

Daniel “describes the object as being black and very shiny with a surface similar to glass. ‘You can see the glass reflecting off of it. The pink circular pattern in the sky was only there for 10 seconds or so’, he said”.

For my part, I think those reflections are exactly what are strange here. In the enhanced close-up below, by Bruce Jessop (see the original link in UfoDigest), pay special attention to the ‘orb” like reflection on the right:


From the little I know, those light artifacts usually only show up in objects heavily out of focus. And the glaringly obvious inconsistency here is that all distant objects, from the trees to the clouds, are in focus. Except for the UFO.

If the blurring was due to extreme speed, it would be seen in the direction of the movement. It’s rather uniform around the UFO. The UFO is quite simply out of focus when all the distant objects are in focus.

That would add to the evidence that it could be actually a small, shiny, model near the camera, explaining that strange orb on the right.

Do you disagree? Feel free to correct me. I may be wrong, of course. Jason “Naveed” Westby thinks it’s a bird.

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UFO Beams around the World? Solved

In the video above, captured December 19, 2007, in Rosario, Argentina, you can see a flying luminous object that seems to zap some vertical beams to the ground (at 0:26, for instance). ufo_beam_s

“I filmed it with a friend’s cell phone in Rosario, after exiting Alto Rosario shopping mall. … Upon watching the video closely I realized that the strange light, which many people saw and thought was a satellite, fired beams to the ground”, the witness told a local investigator, who quickly pronounced that “we know about these UFOs that fire beams to the ground. It happened in Germany and the UK. Thus, when he sent me the video, I couldn’t believe it; it’s something different from what we are used to see. Those are laser-like beams. The boy recorded five beams”, she stated to a local radio show. [source]

She nearly got it, at least when comparing the beams to lasers. Keep reading for the solution to this and many other cases around the world.

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Changing a “UFO” lightbulb


“Take a look at this photo that I got from Juarez from FESPORTE, of the Santa catarina Federal University, they say it’s a UFO”.

That was the message forwarded by Eustáquio Patounas. The trivial solution and some commentary after the jump.

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Interview with the creator of the “Haitian UFOs”

Last night the Brazilian TV show Fantástico interviewed French CGI wizard David Nicolas, responsible for the infamous Haitian UFOs of 2007. You not only get to see who the man is, the PC where all the magic happened, including wire frames of the “UFOs”, but right in the beginning we have another exclusive clip created by Nicolas showing a – CGI, of course – UFO in Rio de Janeiro diving into the sea.

All in Portuguese, of course (you can read an automated translation here). Perhaps the most relevant part is a comment by Nicolas:

“They had experts to comment on the case, and many thought it was real. For my part, I look at these images today and have difficulty in believing them, ten years from now they will look ridiculous.”

We had already posted about Nicolas and his previous works around here.

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Paper or Plastic?


“An unidentified flying object has been photographed over Filton. Taxi driver Paul Matthews spotted the object in the air near the Royal Mail depot on 2pm on Friday afternoon. He quickly pulled over his car and watched as what he described as a disc-shaped object hovered in the air before disappearing as swiftly as it had appeared.”
From Bristol Evening Post: UFO photographed over Filton

I have been waiting for this moment. Alas, it’s not crystal clear. Can you guess what that UFO was? More pictures here. Some readers of the Evening Post even had the same realization.

This may help you:

The title of the post was a giveaway, but one very plausible explanation for all these records are plastic bags flying with the wind.

Plastic. Bags. Identified.

The videos were recorded by Japanese observers with the UFOCapture software mentioned earlier, and are available in the SonotaCo discussion forum.

We have already explored one other amazing record captured with the software… unidentified flying plastic bags may not be as impressive, but I never quite imagined that shopping bags high in the sky (well, not that high, but higher than you would expect) would be something to consider when investigating UFOs.

Alas, I’m still searching for a clear, definite, illustrative case of a plastic bag mistaken for a spaceship. This British one may not be a plastic bag – it could also be a balloon, or who knows, a flying saucer. But it was good enough for a post. Because it really does look a lot like a shopping bag revolving around.

So, anyway, now you know. Swamp gas is not the most disappointing explanation for a UFO.

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