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Indonesia girl

Photo taken on a hospital in Indonesia

Comment: One of the most (in)famous ghost photographs on the internet, the girl in the corridor was actually composed on a computer to be viewed with 3D glasses: the girl will jump out of the image.

To those without 3D glasses, we made the animated GIF at right, alternating between the stereoscopic images on the original.

That is the real meaning of the spooky red and blue distortions.

After uncovering the truth behind this, we could not help but to create our own version of it.

The background image is from a Japanese corridor, and the ghost is very famous.

It’s not as scary as the original, but it’s hard to find photos of girls in black dresses with a hanged doll.

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UFO photos: "Disco" saucer

Location: Nashville, Tenessee, USA
Date: September 27th, 1989


Craft made on Pleiades Commanded by the Orions from planet Almintaka. Planets Confederation (c) Cosmic Intelligence Awareness
The funny source for the images also relate it to some “Commander Graham Bethune of the US Navy“, and tell us that despite the incredible images, the flying saucer was actually invisible!

Comment: On January 2002, british skeptic James Easton confirmed that the invisible flying saucer was in fact part of a special effects rig used in shows and discos during the 1980s. The smoke and lights are not part of the Almintaka’s planet propulsion systems. Their purpose is to help Earthlings to get in the mood. The inspiration for such strange artifact probably came from Spielberg’s “Close Encounters”.

James Neff, from Jeff Rense’s website, also got an image that clearly shows the rig used on a show or disco.


See: Photos Exposed As Hoax
Also: The Nashville & Waterbury ‘UFO’ Photographs

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UFO photos: A real saucer

Location: Beaver County, Pennsylvania, USA
Date: August 8th, 1965


James Lucci, 17, was photographing the full moon with his brother, John, 23. Around 11:30PM, a shining object appeared from behind a hill. James managed to take two shots before the flying object left. His friends encouraged him to send the photos to the Beaver County Times, where they were analyzed and declared authentic. On the image above, the moon can be seen at left.

Comment: This case is specially interesting not only because it was one of the first investigated by the most well-known skeptical investigator of UFO cases, the late Philip J. Klass. But because he declared it authentic!

beaver2“I interviewed James and his older brother John, and afterwards I had no particular reason to doubt their word. I also spoke with their father, who was a professional photographer in the Air Force and had been in Europe when the photos were taken. He told me that he had no idea how anyone could fake photos like that”, confessed Klass to fellow skeptic Gary Posner.

“But one of them faintly resembled a kitchen saucer held in the palm of a hand. So I asked James if he would allow me to photograph him in his front yard — where the UFO photos had been taken — with him holding a kitchen saucer. He flatly refused to do that, but he did agree to take a picture of me holding a saucer.”

Phil Klass even suggested that James Lucci’s photo, authentic, could have involved a “plasma UFO”. Shortly after the publication of his book, however, William Hartmann, investigator from the University of Colorado, part of the “Condon report”, solved this one. He managed to reproduce the photos, and the were indeed the photo of a saucer.

The photograph of Klass holding a saucer was taken in daylight, contrary to the original photos. Mix the darkness with the flash of the camera on your recipe, and you get a nice “plasma UFO” from a shiny metal kitchen saucer.


Decades later, John Lucci confessed the hoax. “[The case] sure taught me not to be too trusting of seemingly honest folks“, Klass remarked.

See: An Interview with Philip J. Klass, the World’s Leading UFO Skeptic
Also: Condon Report, Case 53: Illuminated Model Fabrication
And: Intiki UFO Shyashin (in Japanese)

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UFO photos: Puerto Maldonado, Peru

Location: Puerto Maldonado, Peru
Date: July 19th, 1952 (?)


Domingo Troncoso, customs officer in Puerto Maldonado, in the border of Peru and Bolivia, noticed a big airship shaped object flying low and horizontally in the afternoon, going from right to left. The object left a dense smoke trail, vapor or some similar thick and white substance. It was expelled from the rear end of the object while it flew. That the object was a real and structured machine can be seen by its reflection on the waters of the Madre de Dios river down below. Mr. Troncoso managed to get a camera and could take one good shot of the cigar-shaped object.

Comment: That’s a very curious image, but unfortunately there’s not much coherent information about it. For instance, according to FOTOCAT, it was actually taken on July 19, 1951 — not 1952 — and was published on a newspaper on July 6, 1952.

The description curiously makes reference to an outdated element of ufology, very fashionable on the 1950s: the “angel hair”. The thick, white and fibrous substance on the trail left by the object is clearly a reference to “angel hair”, a thing one seldom see on UFO cases nowadays.

Assuming the object was real, it could have been the reentry of some object in the atmosphere. Given the date, 1951 or 1952, it very probably wasn’t a man-made object. But it could have been a meteor.

1972 meteor reentry video

However the Peruvian photo suggests an almost perfect horizontal path, and then there is the cigar-shaped object in front of the trail. This is not just the photograph of a meteor going through our atmosphere.

The image could have been a mixture of a real and unusual phenomenon (such as a meteor) and some degree of photo retouching (such as adding a cigar-shaped object). Following this suggestion, it’s also possible the real phenomenon could have been something more mundane like a roll cloud.


A roll cloud is a particular kind of cloud formed by meteorological processes related to storms. As one can see on the image above, it’s perfectly horizontal. Add a cigar-shaped object in front of it, and you may get something very close to the Puerto Maldonado UFO photo.

Of course, another possibility is that the UFO and the trail are both hoaxed. Or that they are both real. The case remains unsolved, but this is not extraordinary as there doesn’t seem to be any in depth analysis of the photograph to this date. 

1952, Peru: Customs Inspector films large UFO
Roll Clouds
Roll Clouds

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UFO photos: Villa’s shiny discs

Location: Peralta, New Mexico, USA
Date: July 16th, 1963


One of a series of photos taken by contactee “Paul” Villa. In close contact with the space brothers since he was five years old, Villa finally arranged to take photos of the flying saucers when he was over his forties.
The image above is from his first series, taken in 1963. Telepatically instructed to drive his truck, alone, to the meeting point, he then faced a flying saucer with an estimated size of twenty meters. The saucer had nine occupants, four men and five women. Spacewomen, of course.

Villa_1Comment: Villa’s images have something difficult to define, similar to those from Adamski or Billy Meier. At first sight they do not seem so blatantly faked. Leaving the wild storied aside, one can wonder if the photos at least could be real without looking that much insane. At right, another image from Villa, with his pickup truck up front and the saucer at the background.

But in the end, the story and the images from Apolinar “Paul” Alberto Villa Jr. are too good to be true. Because they are not.

William Spaulding, from the now extinct Ground Saucer Watch, pioneer on the computer analysis of UFO images, analyzed this particular image from the many taken by Villa:


Through digital enhancing filters, Spaulding could uncover the strings that held the saucer in the air. Villa hanged the strings on the trees around to hold his flying saucer models, which were not larger than one meter in diameter.

villazoom1 villazoom2

Other methods adopted by Villa included the classic throwing of saucers in the air, and sometimes, not even that. Below we see what is supposedly a telepathically controlled probe with over two meters in diameter. That is, according to Villa:


If you noticed the giant grass at left, you may wonder why Villa didn’t speak about this amazing side effect to objects close to the probe. Of course, it may be that the grass was of normal size, and the alleged probe was very tiny. The same probe can be seen in flight:


The background is the same. If the disc had a sizeable dimension, the photographer should have been at some considerable height to be able to capture this geometry. There is a small shiny sphere above the probe, which could have been held by a string, or simply thrown in the air.

This case teaches an important lesson: do not believe in the shiny discs.

See: Les photos de Paul Villa

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